A must watch: Is the man who is tall happy??

A great interview by Michel Gondry (French film director) with Noam Chomsky (modern philosopher and political activist) .  This film has both great intellectual back and forth combined with an artistic take on the illustration of words in live action. Found on Netflix

Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy? Official Trailer (HD) Documentary, Michel …: http://youtu.be/d9c4xJEP6eI


Buddhist Economics: How to Stop Prioritizing Products Over People and Consumption Over Creativity | Brain Pickings

Amazing look at consumption compared to quality living.


The Shortness of Life: Seneca on Busyness and the Art of Living Wide Rather Than Living Long | Brain Pickings

Your first look into brain pickings. I should not have to post anymore articles from this woman and her website. Although I certainly will, her interpretations and analysis of literature are unmatched by anyone her age. Maria Papova is a reader you should look up to. Remember it’s not what you take in but what you do with what you take in.


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This is basically a telescope into my mind. Not of what comes out of it necessarily, but more of a collection of all the information I put inside of my brain. If it stimulates some part of my intellect or a strange interest, you’ll find it here. If it’s something I have read, there will be a link to it. If it’s something I have written, read it with an open mind because it has been filtered through my reading. If it’s a video of me, or a recording of what I say, I hope you enjoy.