CHAPTER 1: Answering The Interrupter

BUY NOW ON AMAZON      You have reached the first chapter of the novel from the pages of a finished passport, read along and I hope you enjoy.    Answering the Interrupter Washington, D.C.  November 2015   “What’s up Señor? Been meaning to hit you up. How much for two weeks of your time?Continue reading “CHAPTER 1: Answering The Interrupter”

First Novel Finally Done

So where do we begin? Well. I wrote a book. So if you like to read, I suppose this post applies to you. But if you rather skip the explanation and dive right into the book then just click here. Otherwise, let’s get to it. I started this book at a point in my life when I was spendingContinue reading “First Novel Finally Done”

A read on business and future advancements. Zero to one.

From the creator of PayPal,  a great read on the future of industry with emphasis on originality and making exponential differences compared to incremental. Perhaps most importantly this book makes the point that going from nothing to something is far more significant than making incremental changes in any field.

The Book to Restart your reading routine: Scar Tissue

Whether you enjoy the music or not you cannot help but to be intrigued by this man’s life,  I suggest this to anyone that loves a good true story. This gives you a chance to get inside the mind of a man who has been through more than most people you know. A mild preview:Continue reading “The Book to Restart your reading routine: Scar Tissue”