Where Realities Are Deeper Than Virtual

Episode 5: David Burgess and Virtual Reality

In speaking on wasted money: “Well, I’ve thrown up more, on myself” -David.

David Podcast Bio:
David is a JMU Graduate, Virtual Reality Programmer and Ambassador, Semi-Spaniard, Rebel and part time Wolf-man impersonator. David has been programming VR programs for around 621 years now. He currently resides in Richmond.

Did ending slavery help to spark the need for the technological revolution?
Is progress just a series of waiting for old people to die?
How long before VR becomes more common at home?

David and I talk about not becoming our grandparents and becoming self-aware in the days where we all have enough of our needs met to actually worry about our desires. David even claims to be ‘well adjusted’. Hear about how Tim Sweeney helped to make the world of programming available to all creeds. We talk about how story telling helped to change the world, and how instant videos have now changed our views on ‘famous’ people. As we sit on the cusp of great change, listen to a man who might know what he’s talking about.
Listen up & Learn something.
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Time Markers:
7:05 How did ending slavery help the computer revolution?
11:00 Seeing your friends become adults
15:32 How David got into computer programming
18:28 The early days of the internet
22:00 Old Hard drive
33:53 VR Self Made
36:30 The joy of playing for work
42:42 Robin Williams
44:40 Be constructively lazy
46:01 Algorithms are rule books
57:00 David says the podcast is fun
58:26 Too many books in the brain
1:00:00 How we used to tell stories
1:04:45 The mental implications of Virtual Reality
1:07:00 Pragmatism
1:08:15 Programming is problem solving
1:14:00 We discuss sports
1:23:00 The summer on crutches

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